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Trusted by top firms around the world, we point out phishing, data leaks and other risks well before they catch you off guard.


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Understand Cybersecurity Starting from Threats

50 percent of companies globally are unaware of data breaches, resulting from employees clicking on the wrong link, to sensitive information being leaked and sold online. As technology continues to become more sophisticated, cyber criminals are also becoming better equipped to put you at risk. We can't underestimate the importance of knowing exactly what cyber risks are out there and how to mitigate being compromised.Introducing Intell Informed – founded by experts who built Southeastern Europe's largest offensive company in under two years - we know all the dangers that your company faces - because we know how they're built and deployed.  IBM put out a study that shows how companies achieve higher ROI through adopting cyber security solutions, versus companies that don't.

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Automated Security Assessments

Our Automated Security Assessments service offers quick and efficient evaluations of your cybersecurity posture. With competitive assessments completed in minutes, our platform leverages custom open-source intelligence feeds to provide accurate risk ratings. Developed by cybersecurity experts and fueled by a strong OSINT community, our assessments ensure comprehensive insights into your security landscape.

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Data Leak Monitoring

Safeguard your sensitive information with our Data Leak Monitoring service. We proactively monitor dark web activities, analyze contextual news, and integrate custom intelligence to provide real-time threat intelligence. Our platform offers comprehensive risk exposure visibility and proactive defense measures to help you prevent data breaches and protect your valuable data assets.

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Vendor Compromises Monitoring and Alerting

Stay informed about potential vendor risks with our Vendor Compromises Monitoring and Alerting service. We conduct continuous monitoring of vendor activities, analyze potential compromises, and provide timely alerts to mitigate risks. Our solution offers tailored risk assessments, compliance mapping, and an executive-friendly user experience to help you manage vendor-related cybersecurity threats effectively.

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Security Strategy Enhancement

Elevate your security strategy with our Security Strategy Enhancement service, now including our Trust Center feature. Our Trust Center empowers your company to showcase its commitment to cybersecurity excellence. Display certifications, penetration testing results, and other security measures to assure your clients of their data's safety.


Why Partner With Intell Informed

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Decision making for Management

Intell Informed provides cybersecurity solutions to protect your data in remote workspaces. Our services include real-time threat intelligence, proactive defense, and automatic security assessments. Partner with us for expert guidance and technologies that ensure data security and smooth remote operations.

Supply Chain Risk Management for Startups

Intell Informed helps optimize resource use and governance processes. Our automated solutions reclaim over 70% of time and resources spent on patching. Also, our platform offers real-time supplier data for continuous pipeline management and governance. Partner with us to enhance your security measures and operational efficiency.

Threat Intelligence for SaaS Companies

Intell Informed provides real-time assistance and strategic security roadmap guidance. Our team of experts offers personalized support and recommendations to align with your business goals. We provide a comprehensive security roadmap with best practices and future-proofing strategies. Trust us for reliable support and guidance that aligns your cybersecurity initiatives with industry standards.

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Intell Informed Shows You All Online Risks Related to Your Company & Monitors Any New Risks That Appear

We are simple to use for any C level or manager, but detailed enough for cyber security professionals. Sign up with your email only and get a complete threat landscape and actionable intelligence.

How it Works

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Step 1

Sign Up Only with Your Company Email

Begin your cybersecurity journey with Intell Informed by signing up using your company email. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures that you have exclusive access to our comprehensive cybersecurity platform tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. By signing up with your company email, you take the first step towards enhancing your data security and gaining valuable insights into your cybersecurity landscape.

Step 2

Visibility of All Your Assets and Threats

Gain unparalleled visibility into all your digital assets, including IPs, websites, ports, deleted documents, dark web mentions, social media accounts, employee emails, and more. Intell Informed provides a centralized platform where you can view all your assets and identify vulnerabilities and threats associated with each one. With detailed insights into your digital footprint, you can proactively address security risks and fortify your defenses against potential cyber threats.

Step 3

Actionable Report, Security Roadmap, and 24/7 Monitoring

Receive an actionable report and personalized security roadmap based on the insights gathered in Step 2. Intell Informed offers precise security recommendations and a curated security marketplace tailored to address your organization's specific security needs. Our platform provides continuous 24/7 monitoring of new potential risks, ensuring that you stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Business Protects Your Business

We tell you exactly what to do based on what we find and risks we identify. Risk exposure visibility allows you to understand cyber security and react accordingly.

Powerful, Vigilant and Easy to Use

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We're on a Mission to Secure Your Mission

Our Story

Intell Informed, founded by visionaries who previously built Southeastern Europe's largest Offensive Security company, bringing frontline expertise and innovation to cybersecurity. We showcase our commitment to excellence through projects that exemplify our expertise in real-time threat intelligence, automated security assessments, and continuous monitoring.Our projects offer innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses, including customized security roadmaps and user-friendly interfaces. Our portfolio extends beyond the featured projects, offering a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions.

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